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Alcedo ICO Rating


ALCEDO creates an ecosystem that implements blockchain technologies into everyday life. It makes crypto currencies accessible and usable for everybody around the world.
We are aiming at a widespread acceptance of ALCEDOs and other crypto currencies.

To achieve our goals, we’re starting to build a network of ALCEDO-Points

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At every ALCEDO-Point one can buy, sell and exchange currencies (BTC, ALCE, EUR, etc.) with the help of professional consultants.



The ALCEDO-Coin (ALCE) is an important part of our ecosystem, as it is a means for handling our service fees and rewards program.



Buy, sell, exchange and electronically transmit to and from any crypto currency account


Investment Plans

We are expanding our traditional business from Gold-Saving Plans to Crypto-Investment Plans



It allows customers to quickly and easily buy or sell crypto currencies at our ALCEDO cash machines and POS-Terminals



We are supporting wellknown Crypto-ATMs and building a network in Germany


We are installing our first CRYPTO-ATM in Germany




    In addition to the crypto ATM’s, ALCEDO-Points will assist our customers with the help of our service team. We’ll offer our customers the unique opportunity to buy and sell crypto currencies outside of internet exchanges and with the personal help of our experts. They will also assist in the use of the ATM’s and answer all questions in regards to crypto currencies.

  • Expanding ALCEDO-Points

    ALCEDO-Points are available under a franchising system, which will create jobs and a higher and faster acceptance in our society. We, as your future franchisor, will ensure that you’ll receive the best framework with competent advice, ongoing training and continuous accessibility. The license fees will be paid exclusively with ALCEDO-Coins, which means that the ALCEDO-Coin remains in the company's business cycle.

  • service_icon4
    Profit from our experience about crypto currencies and gold

    We help people to invest safety in crypto currencies and physical gold

Crypto Investment Plan

Crypto savings plans make it easy for any customer to partake in the growth of this great blockchain technology. Our monthly savings plans are designed to eliminate the necessity for our customers to engage in trading activities. The monthly savings in crypto currencies guarantees our customers an optimal average price. (Cost-average-effect) Our savings plans are offered in two different formats:


-Every customer has an offline hardware wallet and a personal safety deposit box.
-Each month we will be buy the contracted for coins and we will put the key for such coins into the deposit box.
-Access to such coins is possible only by customer request.

ONLINE Storage

-This plan is more cost effective, because there will be no additional costs for the hardware wallet and safety deposit box.
-Twice a month a customer may request changes to the allocation of desired crypto currency coins.
-Online storage is subject to the highest security measures possible.

Will be available soon

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ALCEDO-Cards are equipped for the first time with a built-in NFC chip and can be used at our ALCEDO-ATMs and our POS-Terminals. This allows customers to quickly and easily buy or sell crypto currencies. In addition, it promotes the dissemination and acceptance of ALCEDO-Coins and other crypto currencies. No long and cumbersome registration procedures on foreign stock exchanges are necessary. We operate exclusively and completely from Germany.

Our Edition 1 ALCEDO-Card is limited to 1,000 cards, personalized and will be sent free of charge (worldwide) with the purchase of 10,000 ALCEDO-Coins.

Early Adopter Edition 1



The ALCEDO-Coin is one of the most important components in the entire ALCEDO project and is designed as an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token at the beginning of the ICO. Of course, ALCEDO-Coins can also be used as currency in addition to their use in the ALCEDO-Ecosystem. We will launch the ALCEDO-Coin in Q-4 2019.
This token will be moved in the course of development to a separate blockchain, with the same number of coins and existing ALCE ERC20 tokens are exchanged at a rate of 1 : 1.

ALCEDO-Reward System
Our customers can benefit from greatly reduced fees by using our ALCEDO-Ecosystem.To speed up the distribution and thus the circulation of ALCEDO-Coins, the use of our platform via ALCEDO-Coins is more favorable. However, each customer is free to decide in which crypto currency he wants to pay fees.

Special Highlight ALCEDO-Flat
An important point for us is to provide our customers with a number of benefits by using the ALCEDO-Platform and ALCEDO-Coins. Every user who has 10 000 ALCE on the ALCEDO-Platform (web- or smartphone-app) will not have to pay any transaction fees when using our services. However, depending on the Coin (except ALCEDO-Coin) a certain network fee remains, which we can not refund. This waiver applies to any service of ALCEDO (including all ALCEDO-ATMs).

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The ALCEDO-Wallet drastically simplifies the handling of crypto currencies on the smartphone. Very simply, one can send and/or receive different coins. We offer at the start Bitcoin, Ethereum and the ALCEDO-Coin, but this assortment will be continually expanded.The Wallet is designed to work seamlessly with our crypto machines and the ALCEDO-Platform. For the exchange of Euro in crypto currency, the process is almost identical to getting coins at the machine, i.e. scanning the QR code and getting coins. The mobile app includes a map showing all locations of crypto machines in Germany.

ALCEDO-Wallet is designed by observing the highest safety standards.
After downloading and registration, all users of this wallet get 20 ALCEDO-Coins for free.
Coming Soon!


ALCEDO-Token Structure

Join our Token sale. We accept token payments.

Total ALCEDO-Token
100 000 000 ALCE
40 000 000 ALCE
12 000 000 ALCE 30 000 000 ALCE Sale Raised Hard-caps
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  • ETH

first ERC20-Token
Dec 01, 2018
Means of Payment
BTC, ETH, PayPal

Token sale Stages

Phase 2
Feb 01 - Mar 31
25% Discount
1 Alcedo-Token at 0.30 €
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Phase 3
Apr 01 - May 31
0% Discount
1 Alcedo-Token at 0.40 €
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Price development

Based on our wide-ranging market analyses and our pre-eminent positioning in the German market, we assume the following graph to be a plausible scenario in terms of a possible increase in value of Alcedo tokens.


Token Sale Proceeds


Token Distribution






View our whitepaper to explore all aspects of the Alcedo long-term vision. A whitepaper is the basis for a company to build upon and it is the blueprint for Alcedo to achieve healthy, sustainable growth.


Our Reward / Airdrop program

Support us and get free ALCEDO-Tokens

  • Our Bounty Campaign is already life!

    It is allocated with 10 000 000 ALCEDO Coins

  • Help us to expand our reach !

    Share and Like us on Social-Media (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter) to get 30 € worth of ALCEDO-Tokens. (limited to the first 10 000 participants)

  • Increase our Community / Share your Link

    If you are inviting a friend to register an account, you will be rewarded with 10 ALCEDO-Tokens for free and the new user get additional 5 ALCEDO-Tokens

    • Big Investor

      Buying 20 000 or more ALCEDO-Tokens, you are getting additonal 3% on your purchase

    • Downloading our ALCEDO-Wallet

      You will earn 10 ALCEDO-Tokens

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Our Partners



ClickGem project is developing a complex ecosystem for all fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Our Leadership

We are proud of our great team. We are a group of motivated and enthusiastic people, always ready and willing to help out where needed it.


Dipl. Ing. Hermann Sanktjohanser

Co-Founder and CEO

Hermann Sanktjohanser successfully worked for and headed companies after graduation. He is the CEO of Argus Noble Service GmbH and the owner of the ALCEDO platform. He has been a successful entrepreneur and investor for more than 25 years, with extensive experience in the procurement of precious metals and crypto currencies (Blockchain). As one of the first users in the industry, he firmly believes that the world of crypto currencies and precious metals offers a huge potential for growth in the coming years. He has made it his personal as well as his professional goal to build a functioning ecosystem.


Ingo Hofbauer


Ingo Hofbauer comes from a banking background. He is Co-owner of Argus Noble Service GmbH and CFO of the ALCEDO platform. With more than 22 years of experience in finance and services he has worked in renowned companies engaged in the distribution of financial products. In 2018, he decided to take the unique opportunity to become part of the team.


Maximilian Sanktjohanser

Co-Founder and Director


Maximilian Sanktjohanser

Initiator / Co-founder and Director

Maximilian Sanktjohanser is the Initiator / Co-founder and Director of the ALCEDO platform. Maximilian also comes from the banking industry and has a great passion for new technologies. His heart has been beating passionately for the digital world for years. He is one of the pioneers and early investors in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. His technical understanding enabled him to quickly recognize the possibilities and future of blockchain.


Radoslav Manev

CTO / Head of our Development-Team


Radoslav Manev

CTO / Head of our Development-Team

Radoslav Manev studied Computer sciences at the University of Sv. Kl. Ohridski in Sofia Bulgaria. He has many years of experience in programming databases and in software development. He’s one of the best in his field and our Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Through his experience and dedication, he translates our ideas and vision into software development and architecture.

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